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Turn make clear oneself locate first before travel
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Giant_wan says: Be like brave gentleman, hello! I do not like present profession, want to turn row, but do not know to should turn to which group again. I want to know to be able to do professional tendency test where, once had done on the net, but feel to forbid. Can you recommend a kind of way?

Xiao Yong says: Profession of a lot of friends one not satisfactory want to turn row, but its motive is not right certainly, this needs detailed analysis and consideration. Suggest everybody is turning before travel, want to make clear Hunan, whether does the problem that oneself appear in professional development at present turn to be able to be solved all right, because oneself are other,still be of the respect problem, for instance communication ability is no good, lack human truck capacity to wait.

Still cannot say to rely on test of tendency of a profession only at present, can know you suit what to do, professional fixed position is complex systematic project, need to be evaluated in detail.

   Heart osmund says: The three-year institution of higher learning that I am a graduation 3 years is unripe, those who learn is biology project major, worked 3 years in medical industry, the industry that is in now is very light but salary is not high, I myself do not like this kind of technical job, want to turn all the time row, but I had been in,this industry had experience of 3 years, I plan to learn undergraduate course. Do not know to turn to suit all right now? Be to learn to undergraduate course turns again or turn now?

Xiao Yong says: Turn the premise of travel is you should know you want to turn to which the what profession of the industry, if these are not clear, so the proposal has fulfilled new professional fixed position first, the fixed position with new recombine considers how to turn. You want to learn undergraduate course, should turn to yours only travel is helpful also be OK, the undergraduate course that hopes you learn of course and the profession that will want turn are relative, may be wasteful otherwise. You but edge study undergraduate course, look for an opportunity to turn again.

   Spit says: Hello, the major that I learn is major of the feed in agriculture, the pay that whole of this one industry discovers after the job is very low. If conceivable higher salary takes an examination of a graduate student only, no matter be,develop otherwise or the life is potential opportunity of it doesn't matter is able to improve. Through the consideration, I resigned, want to turn to other industry. My skill advantage is English and computer, my English crossed 6 level, because of working reason, spoken language can reach basic communication level. Like the computer very much, because this general software can be used, also like painting very much at the same time, be good at planar design and webpage making quite so, learning simple software process designing recently. Although I have fun at to the computer, but if the comparison with major, what I still differ is very far, because this forbids equipment,pursue this group course of study. At present I prepare to seek a new job, in hoping to work again, can learn English more essence of life, use my computer dominant position at the same time, make a few convenience software to the company. From say above disposition, my humanness is dependable, cordial, responsible, curious desire very strong, very care about new job whether give me new results. But disposition weakness is to won't make fun of scheming, do not be good at handling complex human relation so. I do not like to be away on official business, like to stay in the office now and then the job that go out. Work 3 years, what I contact exclusively is foreign trade respect, but also know fur only. What do I do appropriate? How can you just succeed?
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