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Appropriate promotes city industry equipment to install limited company not to h
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Position of invite applications for a job: The member that intelligence changes engineering construction

Number of invite applications for a job: 1 person record of formal schooling asks: Undergraduate course sexual distinction: Male job property: Complete worker makes experience: Pay of pay of 3 years of above: 3000 - 5000 yuan of workplace: Jiangsu does not have contact of stannic whole town: Mr Jiang 13961887366

Position description: The male, must record of formal schooling of major of undergraduate course speak or sing alternately, experience of work of job of one's own profession must be in 3 years of above. The age is in 27 ~ is 35 years old between, person of person of tall honest of Nanjing of area of Jiangsu Su Na, Su Xichang area is first. Yearly salary 60 thousand.

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