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Nanjing, the first policy to the power of network personnel received 10 millio
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Yesterday, the General Assembly held in Nanjing city's human resources work, it was released four documents, all around "talent", including "long-term talent development program in Nanjing (2010-2020)," draft, "Municipal Government on further strengthening the work of a number of opinions "," Municipal Government on the implementation of the "Grand Talents Scheme" view "," Nanjing "innovation in universities, business in the park," intended to promote human mode See. " Mayor Ji Jianye in the hour-long speech in the General Assembly, disclosed are "to admire" the urgent. Leave Policy Eight important policy "is to force" "Can not wake up early and get up late," said Ji Jianye, Nanjing, many foreign cities have to spend lots of money Recruiting, and Nanjing can not stand the side walls, but then everyone dug foot of a wall. When it comes to retaining talent and various other things to do, Ji Jianye expressed particular, to create an environment suitable for a variety of talents, such as the following will create international communities of Nanjing, to provide basic necessities such as international service. Also Promote "innovation in universities, business in the park," the human resources work mode, he said, before he served in Yangzhou, I saw some foreign talent to the weekend for a bit overwhelmed and do not know what to do, so he let them Demands, and they said they go to college part-time, said Ji Jianye, Nanjing, both in colleges and universities must promote talent a professor and work in the Zone mode. It also shows the eight major policies: "Talent into the first policy", that is, to invest in optimizing human capital and promote talent and innovation of the value chain into an effective docking. Ensure that education, science and health spending growth higher than the regular financial revenue growth, not Off to improve the proportion of GDP, human capital investment, 10 years increased by 5 percentage points. Special funds to increase investment in talent development, ensure that no less than the general budget revenue of the level of 3%. "Talent International" policy, the establishment of high-level personnel for overseas government scholarship program, a major global project personnel recruitment system. Implementation of "Grand Talents Scheme." To build the leading domestic and international synchronized high Level personnel service centers, to enhance the "Nanjing blue card," the international standards of service, creating an international office and living in Nanjing soft environment. "Production and research cooperation in personnel training policies" have to be in 2020, completed 30 university campuses, public community, science and technology park, "three districts linkage" of the Knowledge Innovation Zone. Implementation of the "Industrial Professor" and postgraduate students in "Duplex Division system ", from universities, research institutes and select outstanding talents to the districts and counties sending complex, part of a PhD student working in enterprises providing special incentives. For the employer to accept business college, vocational school students to practice real Line subsidies. Another key policies include: human innovation and entrepreneurship support policies to guide the rational flow of human resources policies to promote the development of public service personnel policy, personnel housing security policies, personnel needs to guide policy. Five key projects "recruit" high-end Yingcai For Talent Fair, Nanjing has also developed five key engineering talent. Include: "Zijin Talents Scheme", from 2010 to 3 year cycle, each cycle to dedicate 10 million dollars to subsidize 10 top talent (team), 100 leading talent (team), 1000 urgent shortage of people Only. "Zhongshan Youth Yingcai Project" to university institutes in Nanjing dominant disciplines and key enterprises as the basis, annual funding to support 500 young people focus on top-notch talent. "Jinling celebrity famous works", the annual focus on supporting and funding to carry out 100 famous creative arts, research and exhibitions and other activities. Training training and project funding through other means, focus on training and support for each of 100 Name all types of schools and national education leaders have made outstanding contributions experts. "Jinling works of modern service industry," the introduction and cultivation of strong investment in innovation risk, financial product development, financial information, business, international management, financial services professionals. 2020, introduction and cultivation of high Levels of finance, insurance, service outsourcing, software and information services, trade marketing, business exhibition, intellectual property, logistics, public services, the talent in the modern service industry personnel 50000. "Multiplication of highly skilled project" to establish municipal co-ordinated education and training of highly skilled corporate funds, 1.5-2 million a year training plan exquisite and innovative high-skilled personnel. 2020, 10 countries, building Demonstration of high-skill level training base and public training base, and strengthen youth and the shortage of highly skilled technicians based training, and strive to account for highly skilled young people highly skilled personnel more than 40% of the total. First venture will give 10 million to support Dr. Zijin plans to take talent, it will give top talent (team) started to support innovation and entrepreneurship capital 300-500 million, the highest support for special projects up to 1000 million; given leading talent (team) start innovation and entrepreneurship 100-200 million in support funds; given shortage of qualified personnel needed to support innovation and venture capital start 50-100 million. In the office space and housing, will also provide top talent to not less than 300 square meters of office space and less than 120 square meters of apartment housing, the leading talent of not less than 200 square meters of office space and not Less than 100 square meters of apartment housing, shortage of personnel needed to provide personnel to the apartment, and 3 years free rent. In addition, in the promotion of "innovation in universities, business in the park," the human resources work mode, Nanjing will be the first venture or associate professors, Dr. talent, after being certified, giving 10 million to support business start-up capital . Shortage of talent 2020, 120 million of new industries have talent gap Nanjing Talent structural defects "that" many people "do" fewer people Ji Jianye, said, in fact, the most potential in Nanjing and the resource is the most advantageous technology, education and talent, as we call the "five thousand six hundred seventy-eight", that is, more than 50 colleges and universities in Nanjing, 600 more families provinces Research institutions, 76 million science and technology professionals and college students, 81 academicians. But it must be pointed out that the talent exists in Nanjing two prominent problems, unreasonable distribution and structure of talent, high-level talent, especially leading talent Enough, too few qualified personnel independent innovation, talent structural contradiction, for example, 30% of the personnel in the education sector, 20% in manufacturing, and in only 0.9% of the financial sector, "shows that we presented" inverted pyramid "structure" and It is the opposite in developed countries, 70% of its personnel in the enterprise Kochi, 30% of the organs and institutions. April financial office has not set up Kochi hire real talent To solve these problems, Ji Jianye that a number of initiatives to be taken. To both investment and Talent Fair, take look at modern service industry in Nanjing, Nanjing remain in the traditional trade industry, supermarkets and other levels, the lack of A number of software systems architect, the lack of a group of finance, venture capital, funds and other personnel, the lack of logistics planning, distribution, human resources, lack of exhibition planning, design, tourism professionals, the lack of industrial design talent. He also, for example, the Nanjing city to build software, and now told, 50 million are urgently needed software talent training and hopes to resolve the introduction of training, that is, the introduction of the world software industry, the university training center Students were retraining. Another example is the financial center of the building, also need a lot of talent, "create a financial center of Nanjing, a division of labor with the Shanghai misalignment, mainly in the financial services industry and work hard," this one, NANJING for emergency Lack of venture capital, funds and other aspects of personnel, he even said that the fact that most of the system in April this year, Nanjing, specially set up the reform of the financial development of the municipal office, mainly to promote commitment to coordinate the development of local financial industry, Guide financial and capital market support the rapid development of local economic health of the responsibility, but "has yet to set up Kochi to find the real talent." In addition, as early as September of this year, Nanjing announced the next 3 years focused on creating functional blocks of the top ten planning, including the west section, south of Metro board, unicorn plates, yanziji plate, Shimonoseki plate, Pukou Metro Plate, Jiangxinzhou plate, the old south plate, Barry scenery zone, housing security projects. "The city planning professionals need to help achieve", plus, Nanjing but also to build the next 5 years 176 km of subway, from the rules Program to run, you need a large number of people to join, but there are international perspective Nanjing planning personnel, transportation and so scarce intelligence aspects of personnel. 2020, 120 million in emerging industries have the talent gap This reporter noted that for the quarter, raised the talent gap Jianye, the paper also have the objectives and requirements, including the outstanding advanced manufacturing, modern services and strategic emerging industries, close to the education, culture and health care And other areas need to increase efforts to develop much-needed talent shortage. 2020, in the electronic information, petrochemical, automobile, steel and other pillar industries, electric power automation and intelligent power grids, telecommunications and other strategic and emerging industry, software And service outsourcing, financial services and education, culture and other fields cultivate the talent shortage of 120 million urgently needed to ensure that key areas of economic and social development of a sufficient number of professionals in different fields, the overall quality and innovation capability significantly. To address these talent gap, Nanjing also lists major initiatives, including the shortage of personnel needed regularly published directory. Science City, the unicorn, Nanjing Wireless Valley, Science and Technology Innovation Park Model Road, Nanjing biomedical technology innovation New and industrial base in Jiangsu Agricultural High-tech Industrial Park and other white result in high-level talents gather to play and train platforms.