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"Blind investment" resume Shenyang luck graduates looking for work
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Liaoning University Fair 2010 held in graduates are graduates of supply and demand does not understand their own business conditions is not clear, go down to resume "I can cast a vote, take a chance, if a job yet." Yesterday, Liaoning University Fair 2010 graduate supply and demand, the reporter overheard a dialogue with graduate and his classmates. Site, there are many university graduates in the use of such "blind investment" strategy. "I can cast their vote" Yesterday, the candidates Wang told reporters: "I studied business administration, had just graduated from lack experience, particularly pleased to find work more difficult. I am looking for a similar industry and professional work of employment first, then career, there are some experience a find a good job. " Reporter visited found that most of the graduates and Wang had the same idea. In the flow of graduates, the reporter overheard a graduate and his students, said: "I can cast a vote, take a chance, if a job yet." Wang told reporters: "My students have a day to four units of the interview, there are two units because the crash did not go in time, the interview after the discovery of two units do not fit him." Interview when the employer discovered that many students like this. The staff of an enterprise is to see graduates of the resume, the student reporter asked him how? The staff member told us: "okay condition, but he let this go to your resume, our company needs to work at night, ask if he can not accept this kind of work time, I have not had time to ask it." Teaching will include career planning Liaoning University Career Center Graduate Teacher Pang said: "Students looking for a job on their own strength to have a clear understanding, to understand what they want to do, many students voted in to the unit when the resume at all units in this do not understand, so it is easy for students to be eliminated in interviews or flicker. " Shenyang Counseling Association, said Wang Ying, "blind investment" that their students do not understand their own strengths, abilities, career planning judgments are not clear; Secondly, it is difficult employment environment, which has led many students to use It's a strategy to deal with; again, many professional and social docking difficult. In this regard, Wang give advice: know their interests and strengths, to understand the details of social employment, early development of career planning. In 2011, the number of college graduates in our province will reach 26.3 million, new record high. "Twelve Five" period, the total number of college graduates in our province is expected to over one million people, new workers will further highlight the contradictions in employment. Reporter learned from Liaoning University, from 2010 freshmen, the school opened, "Career Planning" and "Career Guidance" course, career planning will be incorporated into the teaching system.