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What the profession plans is middleaged turn row
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The ancients cloud: 40 not be puzzled. Show the person arrives namely middleaged when 40 years old, of this experience should have experienced, due also to the society quite deep acknowledge and understanding, can obtain 100 jobs not Jing, all things not the state of be puzzled. Person of 40 years old is the mainstream force of family, society, what they want to assume a life is all. Force of the high pressure opposite side, how field of can better duty of decide the issue of the battle, how can accomplish 100 things not Jing, all things not be puzzled also is not easy thing.

Nowadays 40 years old of right-and-left people, still basically be very bemused, live in the duty field person of city especially, more such. There is next old having on the family small, two sides wants to take care of, even if was only,small setback brings bigger impact possibly also to the family.

40 years old this specific age layer, basically have the experience that has worked in state-owend enterprise or administrative institution, as the enterprise advance what change further, the enterprise of partial former state monopoly also begins change. To although have relevant protectionism,change a state, but still cannot accomplish state-owend enterprise times. This part walks out of the intermediate force that come from inside the state-owend enterprise, how to live in new environment quickly the crucial issue that becomes individual and society.

A Jie, 39 years old, 1985 (when 17 years old) countryside coming home allocates after the technical secondary school graduates (Guangxi Wu city) one state-owned day turns person of firm do manual work, as a result of professional be geared to the needs of the job, humanness is assiduous, undergraduate course of ” of careful chemical industry of self-educated also “ graduates. Already accomplished workshop director 1999 (state-owned period family level cadre) , the company changed 2004 make, a Jie and change the contract that made an enterprise sign 2 years, portion contract expired in December 2006, what the company all did not reach one case with him is former more than 10 cadres sign a contract.

Face this dash forward the change that come, a Jie this how, be at a loss temporarily. The author made twice be communicated for long with its, the professional career since be its 22 years undertook combing. The author combs as follows to A Jie's circumstance:

1, introvert, close-lipped little sign, rise duty to hold a technology by true competence and fact completely all the way. All equipment of complete workshop have the record that he maintains, to the function know sth like the palm of one's hand of the machine; The day that to oneself responsibility produces changes a product to also had had research. In job of 22 years, wait to producing facilities of quality of technological process, product, production for many times had undertaken the technology reforms, have those who capture relevant government of municipality, city 9 times to commend.
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