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Project of 07 6 old popular talented people runs to lead
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Foreign media reports, a findings report that published a few days ago according to survey orgnaization Forrester Research shows, safety of project management, information and qualified personnel of field of IT framework system will be become this year the cosset of company invite applications for a job.

According to Networkworld website report, forrester Research undertook investigating to 280 enterprises policymaker. Result discovery, the informant of 55% expresses, this year recruit project administrator; The informant of close 1/3 expresses personnel of recruit information security;

The informant that has 1/4 expresses, can use recruit adroitly the talented person of IT framework system, with protection, design and facilities of operation IT base. In addition, modificatory management, service government and manufacturer and qualified personnel of resource management field also are an enterprise this year the key of recruit.

Besides professional skill, employee communication skill also is one of levels that the enterprise values. The enterprise policymaker of 75% expresses, communication skill is to inspect applicant “ the standard of very important ” . And group consciousness is ranked the 2nd, what hold proportion for 69% .

It is below this year the 6 old popular talented people of company invite applications for a job:

1. Project management

2. Information safety

3.IT framework system (Architecture)

4. Modificatory management

5. Service government

6. The manufacturer reachs resource management

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