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Too the storehouse is abroad talent invite applications for a job is held in hea
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“ too specification of abroad talent invite applications for a job meets the storehouse ” is in Germany hall of town municipal plenary meeting holds Situjiate successfully, this is “ too the storehouse walks into German — Situjiate — too storehouse a of activity of day ” series serious content, also be human affairs branch is begun bring wisdom an innovation act of the job. This second activity changes by Jiangsu province hair appoint, municipal government of municipal government He Taicang sponsors Situjiate jointly, jiangsu province is stationed in cling to place of delegate of accord with city undertakes, too storehouse bureau of town occurrences in human life, too storehouse city studies abroad talent association assist do.

Jiangsu province and Germany cling to the history that accord with city builds friendly collaboration to concern to already had more than 20 years, before regarding the whole nation as 100 strong counties 10 Jiangsu is saved too storehouse city, had become Germany to be in China the area with the most concentrated investment, formed the mind that has company of 113 heart endowment endowment village, investment amount approachs 1 billion dollar, be known as the countryside ” of the heart look forward to of “ China. Conduct activity of invite applications for a job of this abroad talent, aim to carry out too storehouse strategy of talent strong city, farther conduct propaganda too storehouse, strengthen too the clasp of Cang Tongde country, promote actively too the enterprise is the same as the storehouse abroad study abroad the collaboration of the talent's communication and scientific research project, for too economic society progress offers the storehouse the talent assures. Before invite applications for a job is met, too two city mayor undertook storehouse, Situjiate friendly meet.

Specification of invite applications for a job is met on, situjiate's mayor Dr. Shusite, China is stationed in German Frankfurt to get talent of house delegate, China International always to communicate association to be stationed in hair of province of heart total delegate, Jiangsu to change appoint vice director Zheng Xiaorong, key of Xie Ming of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor around too the respect such as policy of dominant position of investment climate, industry, talent made the warehouse special subject recommends a report. Delegate of headquarters of 5 heart look forward to parts to study abroad personnel made wonderful presentation, the student studying abroad that airline of German Han Sha still meets to enter invite applications for a job offerred 2 Zhang Dezhong airline ticket going there and back. Be opposite in heart student studying abroad too storehouse assemble heart endowment times feeling pays close attention to the effect of the enterprise, express to wish in succession too the storehouse develops.

This second invite applications for a job is met in all Xiang Zaide studies abroad personnel offerred post of 50 many demand, the unit such as institute of technology of profession of be good at hero goes to heart invite applications for a job along with the group, german BOS company, Shefule (China) the German headquarters company such as company of BOSCH of Han Sha airline of company, German TRUMPF company, German Mubea company, Germany, Germany also is in invite applications for a job sets booth spot invite applications for a job on the meeting. Attracted in heart China student studying abroad 200 much people enter the arena apply for. Spot communication negotiates in the process, institute of technology of profession of be good at hero and stall of invite applications for a job of headquarters of heart look forward to attracted numerous student studying abroad to seek advice, deliver file, 30 much people reach intent of to apply for a job.
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