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Foreign enterprise of to apply for a job has to know 3 big questions
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What is defect? -- the answer with different different level

"What is defect? " this problem is outer invite applications for a job of look forward to when unusual typical case, what is defect, have to reply.

Graduate in the university at first, the answer of Miss Zhang, should say or have quality very much. The first, want very genuine, because you cannot become others quite, what you say is yourself, every HR can see from your eye mix really false, the 2nd, want to see the position that you apply for the job, what is content respectively, if be public relations company, it is very important to carry out, detail is very important, if the answer of this moment is " more careless " , it is a very vital issue absolutely. Answer be need skill meanwhile, if mask weakness entirely, not be very good practice actually, for instance you are not an attentive person originally, but you are the following working need is attentive, can cause bad consequence so, still want to reply sincerely so. If reply, I am too serious, have too him beautification disrelish, I can see your eye, at this moment can HR ask in reply you " can you cite a case? Be in when too serious created bad result? " say interview time so often a wording, if proper likelihood social status times add, if do bad meeting,be just the opposite to what one wished.

Are You A Leader? , interview mystery

Have a kind of interview, term calls structuralization interview (Structural Interview) , the meeting description according to position, assess you a few respects, one is educational experience, one is working experience deepness and range, had had what success, your individual character accords with company culture, why should you do this work, where is your interest? Can ask a few questions from these a few respects, it is well-prepared problem. The person is different, interview official is different also, the problem that expect is less than also is meeting some, be in when us for instance interview a few managers (position) of management, the likelihood risks suddenly when speaking of experience: ARe You A Leader? (You are a leader) , with 3 words description, at this moment the boss that if ask you,you ought to imagine, he describes you with which 3 words, if I ask your work in the same placing to evaluate you to serve as a leader, how can be they evaluated again.

Intellective problem? , logic and detail

In interview when, with the method that evaluates a center, want a few evaluation related acknowledge of IQ of the person that have pair of to apply for a job, for instance EQ, can analyse the leader power that tests a person through a few case, observation... . The exemple is consistent a title of domestic foreign enterprise, if 4000, 400, 4 express as 4404, so 609, 609, 61 express as what? The problem of this kind of type is very much, also can involve in daily interview, the purpose of the person that evaluate the logistic ability that actually more is the person that assess to apply for a job.
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