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100 crucial questions when interview
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1, talk about yourself

2, what problem do you have to want to ask?

3, what is your expectation pay?

4, why to want to leave current job?

5, the good qualities that you feel you are the biggest why?

6, the weakness that you feel you are the biggest (defect) what be?

7, can you begin much more quickly to go to work?

8, on current job, where do you feel more difficult part is in?

9, why are you worth us to employ?

10, what is the part that you make like most in your job?

11, to current job, what is the place that you feel to like least of all?

12, when you apply for a job most what is those who care? Talk about the job in your reason please.

13, the family that introduces you please.

14, experience that talks to once made you feel very depressed when the job please.

15, when you apply for a job recently ever what work does interview pass? Be recruited what position? Result how?

16, the company that asks you to serve at present with English introduction.

17, if I employ you, do you feel to be able to you think what kind of contribution the branch brings?

18, does the qualification that you become aware you have is what kind of come does be recruited work this?

19, talk about you the closest reading a book or magazine.

20, do you feel your director (colleague) what kind of comment can you give you?

21, how do you plan to did not come, what kind of success can you achieve after you think 5 years?

22, is the successful need that you feel to want to obtain a profession to go up had what kind of idiosyncratic reach capacity?

23, the work experience that talks about you to feel very not satisfactory to your expression.

24, will look by your personal details, you are in the job changed inside 5 years in the past very frequent, how do if,I know our employ you, won't you leave your post immediately?

25, you once because of some second special experience and affect in the future work manner?

26, whether did you attend to groom recently course? Talk groom curricular content. Be a company aid financially or attend at one's own expenses?

27, the personnel that behaves endless ideal to the job, with what kind of incentive means you can promote your work efficiency?

28, had you ever heard of our company? Your the first impression to our company how?

29, the low ebb that how you overcome the job period?

30, the gets along to ever had unpleasantness experience between you and colleague?

31, talk about you to be opposite overwork view.

32, ask a description to be in charge of place to have at present what idiosyncratic do you think to be worth to learn?

33, how much do you understand to our company?

34, did you already leave your post at present?

35, if this job often wants to be away on official business,go abroad, average every month two, make an appointment with 5 days every time, can be you accepted?
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