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Traditional Sports School is to cultivate the cradle of sports talents
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December 3, 2010 Traditional Sports School in Zhanjiang City conference held at the Municipal Party, from counties (cities, districts) Sports Secretary, Training Competition Section (Unit) long; counties (cities, districts) in charge of Education Secretary, Ti Weiyi Unit (Division) long; provincial and municipal Traditional Sports School, in charge of Vice-President and all the coaches; City Sports School, in charge of Training Division Vice President and Deputy Chief and above; Municipal Sports Bureau , City Board of Education leaders and relevant staff of 220 people attended the meeting. This meeting is to further promote the city as Traditional Sports Schools work smoothly and better for the country develop moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic development of the Sports Reserve, do a good job preparing for the work of Provincial Games in 2014. It was noted that adherence to the "Combination", the real implementation of "complement each other, sharing resources, to achieve a win-win." "Combination" is to improve the work of the traditional magic school is the only way to cultivation of reserve athletes, the school is to train traditional sports event sports talents. It is understood that the existing city of 51 (items) Traditional Sports School, 130 coaches, training students in a total of about 1,800 people, 91.3% of the units in terms of training venues and equipment to basic protection, term phase of the average weekly training number has risen to 7.2 times (including morning and evening training), each training time from 40 minutes to 2 hours, ranging on average summer and winter holidays, training days to 29.6 days. Traditional school sports at all levels pay attention to the cultivation, transportation, positive contact with the superior physical training, train and a number of outstanding reserve personnel.