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Since October 1, family of 0 obtain employment, town is small protect personnel, unemployment one year it is difficult that the town of above registers the obtain employment such as unemployed personnel the group wins post subsidy first. Yesterday, beijing labor and social security bureau allotted " the announcement that uses unemployed personnel to enjoy allowance of salary sex post to concern an issue about action of unit of choose and employ persons " , the post subsidy level that signs 3 years to reach above labor contract also by gross 5000 yuan / the person raises 9000 yuan to add up to / person, added nearly one times, use unemployed personnel in order to urge court of unit of choose and employ persons.

Allowance limits standard rises

The obtain employment difficulty that considers unemployed personnel and obtain employment are pressing quality, beijing works and social security bureau mixes post allowance limits by unemployed personnel of current “40, 50” medium, heavy degree of deformity unemployment personnel, enlarge unemployment of “40, 50” personnel, town is small protect personnel, medium spend personnel of family of the disabled, 0 obtain employment again, the first time those who come to Beijing along with army the other town of a year of above registers family member and unemployment unemployed personnel.

Allowance cost extends by a particular year

Extend means fulfils labor contract by “ full after 1 year, allowance 3000 yuan, fulfil labor contract full after 2 years, again allowance 2000 yuan of ” , adjust after the member that servantchoose a person for a job with project unit and action for “ signs labor contract and for its pay society is sure, allowance 3000 yuan; Every work later full 1 year again allowance 3000 yuan, till allowance expires ” .

11 ” of “ begin to carry out

As we have learned, new post allowance measure is carried out since October 1 this year oneself. Action of unit of choose and employ persons uses unemployed personnel, by the regulation conduction invite applications for a job puts on record formalities, after pay society insurance premium, but at second month 1 day has indrawn unit seat or the salary sex station that enter labor of county of social insurance area to ensure bureau application one year 60 days allowance. After this, insurance premium of society of pay of unit of choose and employ persons every are full 1 year, but at second month the 60 inside day application since 1 day leave allowance of salary sex post one year, till allowance expires till.