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Female worker must not be restricted to marry to bear in labor contract
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Zhang Xiaojian of undersecretary of labor safeguard ministry was introducing a few days ago " obtain employment promotes a doctrine " point out when the concerned situation that reachs executive preparation work, be about to carry out " obtain employment promotes a doctrine " specific provision, female worker of take sb on the staff of unit of choose and employ persons, the content that female worker marries to bear must not be limitted in the regulation in labor contract.

Zhang Xiaojian expresses, written guarantee legitimate Yo is basic rights and interests of the woman, anybody must not strip with any reason or covert these basic rights of privative woman. When signing a contract with female worker that is to say cannot list on one technically to must not marry, must not bear.

The obtain employment sexual distinction that bears the reason that waits for a respect to arise to because marry,be eliminated further is discriminated against, " obtain employment promotes a doctrine " the 62nd returns a regulation, the laborer that disobeys this law to stipulate executive obtain employment is discriminated against is OK to forensic to lodge a complaint. Because marry, the laborer that birth problem is discriminated against, can to people court to lodge a complaint, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of oneself.

Zhang Xiaojian expresses, labor ensures a branch to still will do good work from 3 respects, in order to ensure obtain employment rights and interests of the woman: It is to increase execute the law censorial strength; 2 it is to perfect birth insurance system ceaselessly, because female worker bears the responsibility that brings to the enterprise,reduce. 3 it is the social atmosphere that increases strength hard to create female worker to enjoy equal rights and interests.