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9 provinces build law to help mechanism of cooperation of working different grou
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Go out to be ensured lawfully the legitimate rights and interests of Wu work staff, 9 province such as center of Ningxia law aid and Beijing, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Gansu Province, Qinghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian are signed " agreement of cooperation of aid of law of labor of province border peasant " , build law formally to help mechanism of cooperation of working different ground.

Introduce according to Ningxia judicatory hall, consultative provision, ningxia law helps a center establish law to help workstation in each province, be in charge of going out to Ningxia the daily connection that the person that Wu is versed in handles law to help item works, two ground build a farmer to be versed in conduction law helps item coordination system. Legal aid applicant disables because of the body wait for a reason to return this locality or make an appointment with law of seat of the other side to help an orgnaization apply for law to help to the autograph, via applicant requirement, abode ground or the legal aid orgnaization that the law that often occupies a dwelling place helps an orgnaization can assist an applicant to produce the ground to item move send application material, two ground issue to the other side " assist investigation to obtain evidence case " . After law of the other side helps an orgnaization get correspondence, should be arranged in time or assign lawyer is dealt with, announce findings in the case inside 10 weekday.