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Sequestered employee certificate violates labor law rule
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On December 17 afternoon, 8 graduation before long the unit —— Chengdu that female undergraduate mirrors their place hold post is beautiful enlighten educational culture transmits limited company (the following abbreviation is beautiful enlighten education) not was them to handle social security not only, sequestered still the 7 the individual's diploma in them or university English 4, 6 class certificate, they refer abdication report company also rejection.

Report·Put forward abdication to want to pay 100 thousand penalty due to breach of contract?

Liu sunlight this world weighs the female undergraduate of strong finish school, she education signed He Meidi last year in December " full-time teacher recruits a contract " , but up to now the company was not pressed " labor law " the regulation handles social security for her. Tian Lijuan says, beautiful enlighten education deducts 200 yuan earnest money among every months of salary from them, and without any receipt. Zhang Yang says, they in 8 people, the certificate that has her only not by company distrain, but the other side is in last week 5 tell her, do not hand in certificate not to send salary.

Liu sunlight this world and Tian Lijuan say, they ever were in charge of Yang Mou to had referred abdication to believe to theirs, their abdication believes the chief rejection that some calls Dan Yang this company, fail up to now so demit drops this job. Additionally a few graduation before long female undergraduate Han Yue, Ran Hua, An Meili, Kou Liping and Wu Jianping reflected similar experience to the reporter. Kou Liping says, she puts forward written abdication to apply for to the company, “11 month 1 day, when company controller Liu Mou looks for me to talk, say, should go to take 100 thousand money to come ” .

Investigation·The company says to be able to appear personally by the lawyer harmonious

The reporter signs in them " full-time teacher recruits a contract " on discover such clause: The teacher just waits for 3 kinds of circumstances to remove due to illness contract, should in every semester period end informs a company with written form, wait for collection of tuition of the semester below the company to end rear can deal with hand over formalities, should undertake penalty due to breach of contract otherwise 20 thousand yuan; The reason do sth without authorization that and rather than agrees because of the contract removes contract, put forward to also just want to undertake 20 thousand yuan of penalty due to breach of contract. In the meantime, still say on the contract, the company pays primary insurance gold for the teacher according to concerned company provision, this money should be in “ salary medium-counts pays ” ; The teacher should hand in teacher of 3000 yuan of “ to groom to the company fund ” , inside contract period, after monthly wages achieves 1000 yuan, 200 yuan are buckled every months in its salary, until buckle full till.
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