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Be versed in without contract farmer but times doubler claim for compensation
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Next year on January 1, labor contract law is about to carry out. Before new law is carried out, a few units were adopted cut down the member of persons employed, change make wait for method, the “ risk ” that intent avoid new law brings, caused many group sex dispute from this. A few days ago, haidian court judge unscrambled the heat problem of labor contract law, suggest labor department releases the early-warning that pursue course to the society, avoid undesirable issue.

Decide deadline contract without solid also can dismiss

Labor contract law sets:  of ⒍ of   ┝ feeds Fan of pool ㄆ know well to cast harmonious of  virtuous  to cast grey  of  Lu  to cast ⒗ of ┝ of ⒍ of  of  of Wu of  fie  to cast  of  of model of  virtuous  to save  of paddy of large bamboo hat of  of Guo of Liao of know well of ㄆ of pool of eulogy Ke Yu Φ shelters

Ground of deviation of unit of a few choose and employ persons thinks to wanted to sign only without contract of fixed deadline labor namely cannot dismiss. To reduce risk of cost, avoid, a few units adopt a variety of methods to be not normal step to answer even: Hey casts ┣ of stool of ㄊ of  virtuous  to be confused by cracking bank protect beauty of Tuo of commonplace of benzene of hesitating brightness Jiu to cast ノ of refute of Shan of Ren of buttock of  of ü of high and steep of  of  Lu  to return a leg to make fun of  to seek Pen  Cong Meng to say ノ brandish Rong casts Mian of  Lie  dizzy

The judge unscrambles: ㄆ of pool aing kind of sweet grass criticizes sb's faults frankly  of Quan of  of blessing of Hun of Fu of barren of dispatch of virtuous  ⒎ casts jab of  Nao シ to say ノ returns  of Xie of ń of raw meat or fish of brandish of ノ of Suo ǎ  to wash rice cast  virtuous  to suffer from word appraise to cast シ of form of  Guo brandish to hang down suddenly of extensive of ノ of Suo ǎ 

Be versed in without contract farmer but times doubler claim for compensation

Labor contract law sets:  ⒗ casts  impossible to carry  Φ Nu of Shuo of times ┝ ⑹ casts bud of brandish of  virtuous  to say Bu of barren of  of eunuch of captive of post perch of  of  of partridge of palm of  of ぶ of ノ Hui miscellaneous mildew casts Nu of Shuo of ⑹ of ┝ of  be favored with to cast Φ of  of model of  virtuous  from Rong

The judge unscrambles: Press nasally crack fear travel ⌒ pushing felt of lamp of large bamboo hat to coffin Rong of brandish of Bi Mi move casts ├ of  Ka ┒ to cast  south virtuous  large bamboo hat of  of ㄖ of cracking beat of Qian of fish hawk of Tuo of swollen  standing tall and upright pours Tuo crack ├ of ┒ of demit of burying ぞ  casts a ┟  virtuous 
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