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Probation, after all should how long?
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A lot of jobs do not need try out to be able to be competent too for long originally, but some set 3~5 at every turn month, even the probation of above of half an year, make laborer always is in a kind of not stable condition. Face this kind of situation, laborer should learn to take labor law this weapon protects him! How long can probation have after all?

Active " labor contract law " the 19th specific provision: Labor adds up to what with deadline 3 months above resents one year, probation must not exceed a month; Labor adds up to what one year with deadline above resents 3 years, probation must not exceed 2 months; 3 years above solid is restricted regularly and decide the labor contract of deadline without solid, probation must not exceed 6 months.

Unit of same choose and employ persons and same worker can agree only probation.

Perhaps work in order to fulfil the labor contract that by a definite date of regular job job is restricted contract deadline is malcontent of 3 months, do not get conventional probation.