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Enterprise of invite applications for a job: Chinese Pacific Ocean pays a company without Xi Xishan

Number of invite applications for a job: 20 people record of formal schooling asks: Sexual distinction of three-year institution of higher learning: Do not be restricted to work property: Full-time part-time job all can work experience: Do not be restricted pay pay: 1500 - 2000 yuan of workplace: Jiangsu does not have contact of Xi Xishan area: King gentleman

Position description: Record of formal schooling of above of specialized subject graduation, experience of the work that do not have stannum a year of above. (Outstanding this year's graduates also can consider)
Relevant welfare:
The company takes this position seriously very much, provide water of 12 monthly pay one year. The company has perfect welfare to reach groom mechanism.
Interview arrangement:
The company can arrange the interview that has 3 rounds, 3 rounds of interview all eligible just can join department

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