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How to understand faithfulness to respect property?
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21 centuries ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, economy grows at full speed, the viewpoint of people also is in commercialize, so called faithfulness respects course of study to also can be mixed with economy right link up with, although no matter company person with ability is the respect is liked in interest, still suit a certain industry quite in professional competence respect or a certain enterprise. But they hope their life value gets the biggest reflect, change and of character is they hope more oneself pay and harvest direct ratio, after all the sky won't drop pasty, the world also does not have free lunch.

faithful, because their value still can get the affirmation of the company,be (treatment is good) , the company still is helpful for him be being put in the space that develops promotion. Inside capacity limits, when the company can satisfy his desire and ideal, they are faithful. If otherwise, they also are met choose fine wood and dwell, the talent in each enterprise found new job not to prove this now, also proved everybody won't be impassable this a little bit with money undoubtedly the economy that; becomes them and right are couldn't get when satisfying, they can monarch additionally brook diameter, niu Gensheng also is Yi interest group formerly is deputy always, but later not with respect to housekeep, started unconscious ox group additionally? So, now social faithfulness is to do not have absolutely, just stopped in the faithfulness inside certain limit.

Of course, we also cannot blind mixes faithfulness respect course of study to delimit good number, this both is distinguishing, although this both reflects individual quality, dan Jingye more the manner that incline to points to an individual and working style.

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