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Major of 6 great liberal art is the easiest obtain employment
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It is good to read liberal art? This is the topic with a long already dispute it seems that, a lot of students that chose liberal art and parent think: Liberal art major is good, income is high, social class is good, the job is relaxed and decent. Because major of this liberal art is annual the number of the fill in a form and submit it to the leadership when the university entrance exam is not little, admitted mark is quite high also. As a result of good recruit students, the cost that offers liberal art major relatively inferior, appeared then mostly the appearance that the school offers liberal art major.

The name of liberal art major sounds really inviting: Economics, finance learns, law, industrial and commercial management, news learns, after international economy and commerce …… graduate, of economic finance reach a bank, industrial and commercial managing go to industrial and commercial bureau and big company, of law when the lawyer, of news become a journalist, country of trade which is doing foreign trade …… famous?

” of one “ language captures nature's mystery

“ language ” is a language kind professional, include Chinese kind secret of Chinese character literature, news, article, still include a foreign language kind a few languages.

Chinese kind selected be of course. Because its applied extent is true too wide, without which group which company does not need a secretary kind and publicize kind of talent, so, chinese kind although major is not had flatly strange, will can grow front row of a list of names posted up of demand of crouch talent market however for years.

Chinese character literature: The longest ” of the most general “ a balm for treating headaches is professional, can become a secretary, can become administration, can make conduct propaganda, can become a teacher, still can advertise, publish, sale, really way is great. Choose this professional word, want to have obtain employment competition ability, had better have a few strong point.

Compose for example, do not want those who learn Chinese to think can write, what the writing here points to is outstanding writing ability, clever pen gives birth to beautiful type, such ability become the pen of good leader, spokesman, ability becomes outstanding reporter and editor. For example the computer, in a lot of small-sized units, maintain staff without professional computer, computer gave a problem to lose his head, little small issue also should ask a person to do to the outside, take time costly, if have the administrator of a member that can hold computer concurrently to safeguard, what is there against it? For example sports is literary, this is the serious content of culture activity, a lot of units that have actual strength value figure project very much now, they are willing to throw much money to win the honor of a few matches, in an attempt to reveals elegant demeanour, if your arrogate to oneself plays a ball game, can singing and dancing, so, congratulation you, try hard to carry on. For example calligraphy, painterly, the greeting scroll that the brush wordbook with beautiful skill writes, the poster with one vivid edition, can have first-rate propagandist effect.
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