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How clever disentomb arteries and veins of your duty field person
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One, borrow some kind of agency to win regard highly

In boundless and indistinct sea of faces, we are a drop in the sea, appear so common, so insignificant, accordingly so be not noticed. Because of this, we are very difficult by person regard highly, very difficult stand out goes realizing him economy to develop, the career has, life value helps the long-cherished wish that shake and goes up up. And use some kind of agency to win other regard highly, want to pass serious analysis namely, him discovery can use those can conspicuous strong point and advantage, sell oneself, the people that lets can help you develop is caused to you take seriously, then appreciate you, regard highly you, assist a ruler in governing a country your shape up, realize long-cherished wish.

The Xiaocui of some travel company, a very common dest clerk is only when taking a company at the outset, she is in this company in tens of number stuff, appear again insipid nevertheless, as a result does not make even general manager go up her name. However, this Xiaocui but the good young plant that having higher culture culture and capacity of stronger public relations, the practice of public relations of she is not only a suit travel talent skill, and the literal accomplishment that having skill travel public relations, ever had published the article of subject matter of travel public relations on the press of division of much home company, having him travel public relations and management distinctive opinion. Use ” of resource of “ person arteries and veins for dig, sell oneself, achieve the goal that develops oneself well on the career then, him report of machine whereaboutldirection general manager is opposite small Cui Bianxin the development travel resource, tentative plan that makes good travel public relations, serve the journal that carries him article. After general manager browsed the article of the journal, say: Your article has “ very much insight, I had not considered these issues, do you often publish an article on media at ordinary times? ” Xiaocui answers: “ general manager fastens laugh at, although I already sent nearly 100 articles, but this is insignificant skill only. After ” a few months, xiaocui is moved to public relations ministry, let her pursue job of travel public relations. In a year, xiaocui carried out much exemple public relations to engineer, make her ability is able to develop adequately, company benefit go up considerably raise, from this, she more the regard highly that won general manager, be by appoint manager of public relations department. Xiaocui serves as agency through using the press that can show him talent, won the leader's regard highly, successfully dig used ” of resource of “ person arteries and veins, came true to he is highlighted and develop the ability, desire that develops a career.

2, heart of a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest borrowing a world wins mana

In the life, advantage person to inferior position person, overmatch is right the show solicitude for of the weak, it is a kind of wisdom travel almsdeed that follows rule of popular feeling of the manners and morals of the time, it often can produce afferent effect in the crowd, promote oneself honour person demeanour of the wind model, person that kiss, ” of resource of arteries and veins of its “ person is used effectively by your dig, make you become the venerator of people, person that advocate.
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