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3 words make your foreign enterprise dream
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Look forward to of foreign enterprise, name, state-owend enterprise, just be classified according to investment, enterprise of foreign enterprise A and B enterprise, united States endowment and European company are different, the state-owend enterprise is mess, one person blocks civilian look forward to alone, after developing as economy, meeting more and more specialization. Ms. Xu worked ten years in the foreign enterprise, as HR of an elder foreign enterprise the job to the foreign enterprise is having a kind of his understanding.

Operating conditions is spent forever the first

Foreign enterprise of to apply for a job, the manner is the most important, accepting when interviewing Ms. Xu to say so, when work, ought to more moment looks him to have what problem, is not to complain the boss does not have sufficient natural resources, or of the group uncooperative. Be being done in company outstanding achievement is not very good when, not be the problem that discovers oneself, begin to debase a colleague to be done not have hard however, this is not the way that forms culture of very good company, say the first to the manner is of the job forever so.

Group spirit lets your remain invincible

Ms. Xu is in speak of when how walking into a foreign enterprise, the person that regarded to apply for a job as group spirit another essential important condition. Her citing says, a lot of groups, the position that sells for instance, the phone rang on the side, oneself colleague is absent, should help him receive rise, such, won't fall any bill, this is cooperative spirit, of the point with fine job reflect. The enterprise nowadays, it is a foreign enterprise not just, had regarded the level that measures performance as the stand or fall of group collaboration ability of the staff member, look so, duty field goes alone absolutely won'ts do a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is in the most enterprise nowadays.

Foreign enterprise language closes, have to say

The language is a bit important more special, the language is a tool. Mai Ken made an investigation before stannic company is very old, china should graduate every year 3389 universities are graduate, now near 4 million, the person of 10% suits to work to the foreign enterprise, reason at 2 o'clock: The a bitth, the way that is taught compares technicality, using a sex is not very strong, language skill was lacked at 2 o'clock, supply talent amount is very big, but the individual amount that can suit to outer look forward to works and have quality truly is finite, it is the reason that demands exceeds supply now, among them the language is very important. Reached an industry especially more high level when, to English assurance, keep post, word use wants consider, the language is important, it is a kind of necessary tool.

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