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Walk along duty field successfully to search allow him shortcut key
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Duty field new personality is destined want job of ground of step-by-step, successive. But, the development with rapid seek also is the desire of every new personality, so the ” of “ shortcut key that seeks pair of duty field became a topic.

Shortcut key one: Remember the client's full name well

Zhang Shangrao, 23 years old, employee of some beer company

When joining company of this famous beer, with new personality of all duty field, I also face rapid thaw to take the issue of working big collective.

Make me rapid go up nevertheless, because remembered the name of the other side,be however, made a bigger list of company. Client the big client that Mr Zhang is not us, he is only now and then had come, come and go without business. When he comes again, I made his name well and truly. This lets him be touched very much, when the opportunity that should have collaboration then appears, he chose us very quickly.

Comment on: Remember the client's name, not only can harmonious relationship, can think the results that be less than of purpose even.

Shortcut key 2: Always prepare to grasp an opportunity

Thank Bin Bin, 25 years old, cameraman of some fashionable photography orgnaization

Big soup is the presiding cameraman of the company, can saying is the ” of “ leading light in manager memory even. After I come, basically be in charge of a few more futile photography tasks, difficulty compares formidable task higher to still be finished by big soup. , hotel of class of a 4 stars lets this locality we film dish tastes advertisement. According to the convention, big soup is carrying camera on the back to head for a hotel to film. As a result of, big soup holds occurrence deviation to the light when use number camera, do not take the picture that gives satisfaction all the time, the hotel goes to the lavatory to have veiled word quite. Soon the business is about to fizzle out, my dying give orders accepts the job that left to film, and finished the job beautifully.

This after the event, I became a company to basically film gradually the executant of the task. Before long, big soup resigns person, the position of presiding cameraman also was held the position of by me.

Comment on: Duty field new personality ought not to be grabbed result, but do not mean ought not to project oneself. Always preparing to grasp coming opportunity, timely the ability that shows oneself, inevitable meeting lays good foundation for prospective development.

Shortcut key 3: Dare to accept tall difficulty to work

Cheng Shengxiang, 24 years old, clerk of some mechanical equipment company

General manager is informed from certain channel, henan some product that small town needs us. Then intended select personnel is headed for. Everybody knows this task is by no means cushy job, labour feel embarrassed is less than how many allowance bussiness trip with giving achievement to take, and recreational condition of place is finite the life will be very as dry as a chip. Then, everybody looks for reason shuffle in succession, some saying that the law case on him hand wants follow-up, some says the home in occupied cannot leave.
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