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Limelight strong industrial stylist yearly salary exceeds 500 thousand yuan
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Open the professional notebook picking a newspaper of the university, the major that the row comes out is very much. But after all what does the major that oneself can pick a newspaper have, at the back of the professional name of these alone sheet, representing choice of a kind of what kind of life again, what kind of profession develops?  

When —— of high-quality jewelry adviser is born and meeting

  Global gem talent is lacked

According to reporter understanding, gem appraisal industry of home because historical reason for a time flat, fault a few years, professional shorts badly. Above sea is exemple, at present Shanghai area has the professional of gem calibration certificate to count 100 people nevertheless, the old expert of gem appraisal respect is more than 10 people only, the high-quality jewelry identification that has international level, advisory talent is “ more will beg ” hard.

According to reporter understanding, be in not merely home, at present gem adviser talent of the whole world is lacked very much. Be in abroad, gem treatment and appraisal are all the time technical very strong major. Although gem treatment and advisory salary are very high, but the condition that is in talent lack all the time.

Talent of our country gem more be short of

In recent years, demand of consumption of diamond of our country gem is added sign is clear, already became the Asia's biggest gem to consume one of markets, only year of expenditure of diamond be as high as 1.1 billion dollar. Warm up ceaselessly as what gem diamond consumes, the dimensions of gem market expands with each passing day, only Shanghai has company of distribute of many 300 gem, examine to gem, the appraisal, demand that evaluates professional also when the river rises the boat goes up too.

The expert inside course of study expresses to the reporter, at present the gem adviser appraisal of our country still stays in “ to consider the primary level of product ” with respect to the product only.

Current, gem appraisal is evaluated already was labelled by the country asset evaluates one of 6 old series, already made a brand-new trade.

Limelight of industrial stylist —— strong

  Yearly salary 200 thousand it is industry prices

Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, at present the average prices of stylist of the industry inside the industry such as fashionable electron, IT is yearly salary 200 thousand yuan. In addition, if have abroad study experience, have 5-8 year professional experience, such stylist exceeds 500 thousand yuan toward firewood of in former years, and if be industrial design chief inspector, yearly salary crosses 1 million yuan possibly.
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