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The result of to apply for a job of 4 alumna
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A half moon gets calm job

Guo Xiaoli, administration major, already made an appointment with with some college autograph.

I am protected grind the officeholder that takes an examination of first after failure, invite applications for a job attends to meet after failing again, search the college teacher that admires in the heart to to work eventually, around spent a half moon only, to apply for a job costs about 1500 yuan in all, basically use at buying the dress, traffic and resume to make. Summary rises, I feel to apply for a job should have done when:

It is sex of in a planned way, I know I want a steady job, grind to be taken an examination of later offer a condition. 2 it is active and active, preparation is adequate, sufficient to understanding of obtain employment information, flow. I am used let an enterprise choose his first, oneself choose the means deliver resume of the enterprise to attend interview after, the odds that increases oneself to hit the target and accumulate experience. 3 it is the schoolgirl still wants to notice figure appearance when apply for a job. Absorb the experience that to apply for a job fails hard namely again.

Abandon taking an examination of grind apply for a job

Liu Ying, business affairs English is professional, still go up in the road.

Feeling of obtain employment foreground is not very hopeful, it is more difficult that female undergraduate applies for a job. I am to abandon taking an examination of what after grinding, begin to apply for a job on the way, basically be to attend all sorts of invite applications for a job to be able to seek an opportunity. But, to seeking a what kind of job, there is a bottom all the time in him heart, can depend only and decide. Opposite for, I can value development perspective quite, if right word, I also can choose to remove firewood to compare low work. In process of to apply for a job energy basically is used on resume of to apply for a job, besides expenditure idea considers the sentence-making that use a word outside, the charge of the duplicate that print also is not small expenditure. Review oneself to have not find the reason of proper job, it is “ is not become high, low not, lack decides definitely to his. ”

Engineering course the schoolgirl is quite difficult

Han Weifang, electric and professional, had not found the job.

I am to take an examination of grind begin to apply for a job after the end, take an examination of of course grind achievement is not quite ideal. If say liberal art schoolgirl applies for a job,return relatively a few lighter sentence, so engineering course the schoolgirl applies for a job even if “ comparatives ” became difficult. I hope to find the job of a professional be geared to the needs of the job, although had been not found, but I am more hopeful. To pay, my requirement is to achieve the amount of average per capita of Jinan to go, the key is working environment whether satisfactory harmony. I feel, the reason that oneself had not found the job is the sense that has not find to apply for a job, not quite active and active, just had some of have grandiose aims but puny abilities in the begining.
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