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The net makes up: Of multimedia times bestow favor on newly
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  Position is put relaxed

A flock of not the bearer of perspiration: They are such a flock of people, the country gives them qualitative be versed in for the technology, they call network parvenu oneself. And the person that is familiar with them to work affectionately call them ” of “ network bearer, because of them everyday work even if carry the information abundantly of traditional media the network to go up. The works to need them to have a tradition not only press capacity of this loaded down with trivial details still asks to very strong character conformity and common graph language handle a technology. Profit from this, they the COPY ace that each is use “ctrl C and Ctrl V” .

The member that conscientious obligation works overtime: Give evening early to put in the working normal behavior or conditions that is them 's charge, if spread out,go up great perhaps break out incident, the concept that works overtime repeatedly then also was done not have. To them character does not work overtime to rest on the weekend in the evening outside pure fix one's mind on. But they still look with “ the double eye fling of 100 ” is worn vast for no reason and the network information that always updates, the news smell that depends on acumen discovers a cause. Then gently key-press 3 “Ctrl A, C, V” , finished the general framework of a message so. Final of course also be the mainest job it is caption is revised. The standard is not only number of headword accord with accords with a page to ask and content has extremely strong “ temptation even sexual ” . Because one does not have the news that hits a volume a bit,to network media character does not have any meanings, and the moneybag of cloudy to editing promulgator to mean chief editor however face and own shrink.

Spadger changes the dreamy course of phoenix: such they are being produced day and night against time an information. Indefatigable, because there is a dream in their heart. In the future before long some day they no longer with ” of “ network bearer shame, because have this base just about,they just made a network manager of chief editor of senior editor, channel, content, became true “IT gold to get aristocratic ” .

   Position sketch

The stylist of website content and builder

Interact with the netizen, increase the retention period of the hit of the website and netizen

Undertake collection to information through the network, classification, editor, examine and verify, gather feedback information to the netizen through the network next

  Background information

Network editor is to point to use the contemporary IT such as relevant and professional knowledge and computer and network, be engaged in the person that Internet website content builds. According to current website amount estimation, our country has a network to edit now from personnel of course of study 300 beyond, in future in 10 years, the network edits position to will show demand ascendant trend, total growth quantity will exceed 26% , the average growth volume that compares other and of all kinds position is high still.
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