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Do not talk so when interview
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The language is to apply for a job person the tool that communicates idea of circumstance, communication with personnel of invite applications for a job in interview of to apply for a job, it is to apply for a job more person open one's mind, reveal him knowledge, wisdom, ability and a temperamental main channel. Appropriate and decent language can enhance your competition ability undoubtedly, help you score a success, conversely, inadvisable language can damage your image, weaken your competition ability, cause the failure of interview of to apply for a job even. So, where is the avoid sign that should notice in interview of to apply for a job what him influence is successful?
Is is devoid self-confidence the most apparent " a few do you want? " will tell to unit of choose and employ persons, enrolling is to enrol, enrolling 10 also is to enrol, the problem does not depend on enrolling a few, however you have this 1/100 or 1/2 or unique actual strength and competition ability. "Should you want female? " the female of such inquiries, hit to oneself above all " discount " , it is a kind of expression that lacks self-confident heart. Face already the female of timidly meaning, as it happens of unit of choose and employ persons " make use of an opportunity to do sth " , give decline. If you will one time be different from the introduction that altogethers noisy, instead can make the other side serious consider. "Should foreigner want? " a few foreigner stem from openness, or be eager to getting " cash " , see personnel of invite applications for a job says so, do so that the family cans say nothing. Because usually, must want foreigner, not all also foreigner wants, the real case that this wants to see you whether receive able to read aloud fluently with the demand of the other side, let a family feel very be necessary to admit.
Ask remuneration urgently " your pay how? " " the job has not worked to raise a requirement first, what is more,the rather that I had not said to want you! " discuss pay pay, give no cause for more criticism, just want to see punctual opportunity, there already was preliminary intention in both sides commonly when again politely puts forward.
Illogical take an examination of an official to ask: "Ask you to tell your failure experience. " " I want not to remove me to once had failed. " if such saying,tell on logic be illogical. Be like again: "Do you have He You drawback? " " I can get the better of either to cut the job. " this also is not accorded with actual.
The newspaper has friend " the × × that I know your unit " , "I and × × are a classmate, the relationship is very good " etc. Officer of be in charge of an examination of this kind of word let meeting allergy, if official of be in charge of an examination and that person that you say concern not very is good, have contradiction even, so, the result that your this word causes is met more flooey.
When exemple taking the branch for the root is about to end like interview, the person that official of be in charge of an examination asks to apply for a job: "What problem do you have to want to ask us excuse me? " this to apply for a job person raise oneself slightly, began his ask a question: "Does excuse me your dimensions have how old? How much is foreign scale each in? A few does China and foreign countries of your directorate member just have each excuse me? The development dimensions that didn't you come to 5 years how? " attend interview of to apply for a job, must place oneself position, the person that resemble this to apply for a job, did not place oneself position namely, the question that raise had exceeded the range that ought to quiz, make official of be in charge of an examination produced allergy.
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