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New labor contract law improved social right composition
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Recently, china's famous communication equipment supplier China produced interesting one screen for the company: According to company demand, length of service of 8 years of above (it is middle-level above mostly) backbone elite people 2008 abdication formalities should be dealt with before new year's day. That is to say their Dou Yuhua concerns for terminative employ. Then, china to be the same as quickly again they concluded contract of a new labor, make they return former post afresh, enjoy original treatment.

Actually, this process included a lot of things. China bed act is to be in actually digest what was about to carry out on January 1, 2008 is new " labor contract law " the potential impact that to its manpower capital agreement brings. Because the ground is new " labor contract law " the 14th regulation: If laborer is in,unit of this choose and employ persons works continuously full 10 years, so this laborer can ask unit of choose and employ persons concludes without solid calm deadline works contract, that is to say, can generate a kind close to the labor contract at ” of “ lifelong employ.

Apparent, hua Weijian holds contract of labor of a kind of fixed deadline to make, perhaps be to maintain its of resource of internal labor power some kind is emulative, and do not be willing to adopt Japanesque lifelong employ is made. China paid ” of some of cost of “ end an agreement to also do it, because remove,these contract need pay economy compensation, it is the salary that every pay a month one year completely about (be will calculate with recent average wage) . The backbone to ” of these “ instant end an agreement people for, the length of service that is equivalent to them going its changes showed. Compare with past photograph, they obtained ” of income of brushstroke “ length of service suddenly, next they again by “ lightning kind new service ” . They are in conclude the length of service that will abandon going indicates when new contract. Their working environment differs with past it doesn't matter. Perhaps, what differ exclusively is, their work name number greatened suddenly. In the past, identify China the main idea of the grade that is in-house person is to see its work number size, the number is smaller, qualifications and record of service is deeper the position is higher. But now, this identified method to be out of order.

Without doubt, what be about to carry out is new " labor contract law " the concussion dispute of the employ behavior that goes to structure of Chinese labour market and enterprise of Chang Jiang intense. For example, a lot of enterprises begin to cut down try out personnel or casual, because new " labor contract law " made strict provision to the salary of probation frequency and time and probation. In the past, a lot of enterprises adopt this kind of “ namely labor contract is short-term the salary that the strategy that changes ” will come to to compress laborer. Nevertheless, very much small liberal issues objection, think this is the freedom that manages bond in exasperate labour market is spent. Their reason is, by employ person often do not have experience and qualifications and record of service, they are willing to abandon and cut down pay to enter this industry, obtain “ to do the opportunity of middle school ” .
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