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Maternity leave is little the enterprise at 90 days be punished
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Female worker period can rest sick leave, can get 20 yuan of sanitation every months to expend …… yesterday to rise, legal system of government of Hubei province people does " labor protection of Hubei province female worker implements measure " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) collect an opinion extensively.

As we have learned, former " labor protection of Hubei province female worker implements measure " promulgated 1991, the propulsion as birth insurance and " obtain employment promotes a doctrine " wait for code promulgate, content of wh some of which remains to revise. After new measure comes on stage, old way will abolish at the same time.

Arrive since this day on December 18, all circles personage can carry letter or email offers opinion or proposal to this. It is the partial content that collects opinion draft below:

The female must not be discriminated against when invite applications for a job

Unit of choose and employ persons is when employee of invite applications for a job, outside the type of work that does not suit a female except law, code and regulations regulation or post, must not because of sexual distinction, refus unique skill uses a level with female or the action that enhance pair of females. There must not be the article that limitative female worker marries and bears in labor contract.

Additional, because marry,the enterprise is not gotten, be pregnant, lactation, cease the main content such as maternity leave, reduce the salary of female worker and welfare salary.

Period can apply for to rest sick leave

Microtherm, cold water, field to be engaged in flow, building and one class above (contain one level) altitude works, 3 class above (contain 3 level) the female worker of the exercise such as physical labor intensity, period gives off 1 to 2 days, reduce work norm accordingly.

The female worker that other to be engaged in production works, menstruation overmuch or cannot hold to the job because of dysmenorrhoea, via proof of medical treatment unit, give off come two days, press sick leave processing.

Caesarean birth increases maternity leave 15 days

Be pregnant the female worker of 28 weeks of above, him classics applies for, unit approval, can ask for leave rest. The wage income during resting must not be the same as post under the year on this enterprise 80% of average wage, lowest is not gotten under standard of local minimum wage.

Female worker labors normally, maternity leave is not gotten little at 90 days (contain antenatal holiday 15 days) . Maternity leave period does not include legal holiday. Those who have difficult labor is encounter when childbirth (if Caesarean birth, tierce is perineal burst person) increase maternity leave 15 days. Of executive vagina midwifery (if clamp produces art, buttock head of midwifery or drawing art, embryo attracts art) increase maternity leave 7 days;
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