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Undergraduate, do not make duty field " stupid child "
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The undergraduate enters duty field, because competition is too intense, so, you cannot do ” of stupid child of duty field “ :

Stupid ” of the first “ : Occupational starts the dot is blind

Just like small when go into the street with mom, mom holds your hand, chain you, otherwise you can run lose; Just like by car you must hold elbow, chain oneself, otherwise, you stand flabby; Just like the mobile phone each frequency in should use Suo Xianghuan to chain frequency dot, otherwise frequency nods drift, finish without method receive and blast off, the profession of everybody should use ” of Suo Xianghuan of a “ to lock up his on the post that suits oneself in surely, cannot be in free condition, otherwise, can bring about oneself at free condition because of the profession professional footstep is disorder, walk out of a winding contrail, waste a lot of time thereby, lose competition ability even. If the university graduates, occupational starts the dot is blind, blind applies for a job, blind changes the job, everywhere free, did not form oneself main force to, result, be less than a year, professional footstep has begun unbalanced, that is very dangerous, at the back of can fall very quickly in the classmate, 5 years of urticant, bottleneck that are about to happen 3 years next, very fast have to the profession is unbalanced disease, the place after 10 years is down the condition of coast in the profession. So, occupational starts the point is very main, do not want blind dissociate, must lock up however in the main force that suits oneself to develop surely on, if start,you are a ” of “ stupid child, the road at the back of that is afraid should produce traffic jam.

Stupid ” of the 2nd “ : Resume puts in always is disappear forever

When using project unit invite applications for a job, choose in two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two resume, of the choice not only it is outstanding, and more important is to pay attention to person hillock to match, but, because you are not exquisite,match, go putting in everywhere, make use of every bit of time or space, see earth sows, result, it is to waste a seed for nothing, although you no matter whether does that land suit you, but want to choose to suit the seed of this land as a result of the enterprise, so, you sow below how many is a waste, became ” of stupid child of a “ . So, when choosing position every time, want to analyse position to ask well, if you have not to suit to 2, flat do not put in, for instance some company invite applications for a job a position: Engineer article table, post description is:

1, treat the job to respect property, responsibility heart is strong;

2, moral standing is proper, obedient company unites a leadership;

3, must advertisement of estate of 1 year of above or acting industry engineer experience of article table work;
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